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Junk Removal and Garbage Pickup Services in Saskatoon

Junk Removal and Garbage Pickup Services in Saskatoon

Shawn’s Moving is recognized as the best junk and garbage removal service in Saskatoon. We are experts at eco-friendly junk removal services. Do you have a problem with any unused or disposed of? Look no further. We specialize in a wide range of residential and commercial scrap removal.

We have an extensive range of professional teams to provide Garbage hauling services. Just let us know where your unwanted excess material is located. We will take care of loading then haul away and properly clean up all unwanted items. Point out what you need to have removed, and our team will do its best to remove it.

Residential Services

Shawn’s Moving provides trash disposal, recycling, and clean-up services to make your environment eco-friendly. Our mission is to make your home clean.

Unusable and Garbage Removal  

Clear out your home easily with our residential trash and junk removal services. Long-time domestic refuse in your home makes the environment spoil and smelt which makes your life disturbed.

We need to remove trash as soon as possible. At this stage, we need a Waste Management company. Disposal and Removal Company keeps your property neat and sanitary. Our team is dedicated to providing the best garbage removal Services in Saskatoon to our valued customers like you.


Commercial and Construction Services

We specialize in Commercial and Construction Garbage Removal Services. During construction, the main problem we face is waste material. We are avail a step away from you to resolve this problem.

Commercial Garbage Removal

Keep your business space clean and organized with our commercial garbage removal services in Saskatoon. A neat and clean commercial workspace attracts your customers. After cleaning, the main issue is what to do with the garbage.

We are here to solve your garbage cleaning problem. Shawn’s Mover is an eco-friendly waste management service to manage your trash. Trust us for easy waste management in your business and construction projects. From small shops to industrial facilities, we handle all your Rubbish management needs.

Recycling Pickup Services

Recycling Pickup Services

Recycling benefits the environment at every level, from your local neighborhood to the global community. It decreases the volume of unusable materials sent to landfills and reduces the impact on the environment of waste.

 In the city of Saskatoon, you need to recycle pickup services. Our expert team picks up recycling scrap at your doorstep. You just need to call to remove the Recycling Material.

Unusable and Garbage Removal

Pickup Truck Garbage Hauling

Need a quick and efficient garbage-hauling solution? We customize our pickup truck services to fit your needs. We make domestic refuse removal easy for you in no time. Experience the efficiency of our pickup truck garbage haul service – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Commercial Garbage Removal

Construction Garbage Removal

Construction sites often generate Extensive debris. Unnecessary scrap is difficult to handle because of its large amount. Concrete, wood, steel, tiling, and drywall can all be extremely difficult to haul off of a construction site.

Our construction waste removal company provides efficient and safe trash removal service for you. So we help to get rid of pickup and disposal of the leftovers after the project is complete. Our hauling professional team will ensure that the construction debris is out of your way.

Junk Removal Service

Is it time to clean junk from your business home or garage? Let my team handle it. Contact Shawn’s Mover if you are living in Saskatoon. Our team is fully licensed and ready to tackle your toughest disposables.

Junk and unusable Removal

We are experts in removing your useless junk, scrap material, appliances, and Mattresses. Our junk removal services are designed to handle projects of all sizes. Just point out what you need to have removed, and our team will do the rest.

Junk and unusable Removal

Ideal for Small to Large Cleanouts

Would you like to clear out your space from waste? Please leave it to the at Shawn’s Movers Services. Our services are made for small to large-sized cleanouts.

Our efficient team knows that every project is special. With our years of experience, we can handle a wide range of cleanout tasks. Our pick-up truck garbage hauling services ensure efficient solutions for your dirty place. In Saskatoon, homeowners can get rid of outdated furniture and old electronics in their basements, rooftops, and garages.

We make the cleaning process easy for you just tell us what service you need. Shawn’s Movers are ready for all cleaning services at your home. Our team will handle all the loading and pick-up truck garbage hauling services in the province city of Saskatoon. Our goal is to make your junk removal experience as stress-free as possible.

If your cleanout space is medium-scale, select Shawn’s Movers. We pride ourselves on providing the best service to make our customers happy. We will clean your area with the utmost care. Before finishing, our expert ensures that the junk is removed efficiently and responsibly.

Our unusable material removal services in Saskatoon are here to help in your living space clean by eliminating clutter. We can help you reach a clean and organized atmosphere.

Ideal for Small to Large Cleanouts​

We handle all hauling for your garbage and removal needs

Customer satisfaction is a prime focus of our services. Shawn Mover takes care of all the loading and hauling for you. Our junk removal expert will dispose of your unwanted goods as soon as you contact us. 

Our professional team can manage rubbish, from unused furniture to massive construction debris. You don’t have to worry about getting waste things to the right place. We’ve covered to provide every possible solution.

When our crew arrives, they will quickly sort through the debris to separate recyclables from non-recyclables. We will take all recyclable materials to the proper recycling centers as part of our dedication to eco-friendly business operations. We will ensure that any items in good condition are sent to local charities. This way, they can help those in need.

Make better use of your space with the help of our pick-up truck hauling in Saskatoon. Precision has been guaranteed by our highly trained staff, which helps to avoid property damage. After that, take pleasure in a clean and organized environment—one that is pleasant throughout.

Affordable Pricing with Upfront Quotes

Shawn’s Moving Online Estimate Form was created to make obtaining an online moving estimate as accurate and quick. Our rates are clear from the start, so you won’t have to guess at the end of the move. Our prices are open to everyone. That means there will be no tricks, hidden fees, or additional charges. We will charge you exactly what we fixed.

You may be confused with the normal moving contract if you’ve never used professional movers before. Without investigation, you can be unaware of your options. Pricing is a major factor for moving companies.

The cheapest way to clear your space from unnecessary material is by contacting the company directly. Why pay the fee to a broker to find a removal service? Removal of the middleman will save you at least 20%. So contact us directly to save your money and time. Plus, we provide you with the actual cost in advance.


Hidden price: The pricing may not contain unexpected relocation charges. So they charge extra fees. Relocating companies may charge extra for packing, like packing paper, tape, and boxes. They charge added for fragile items, Pianos, or artwork due to the specialized care they require. Some companies may add fuel surcharges to cover the cost of transportation. The extra fuel fee depends on the distance and how far you want to move.

Call us today! We are just a call away from your affordable and restful move.

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